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Smart Raibow Table Recovery Method

Smart Rainbow table is a precomputed lookup table, which can be used to recover the password from its hashed representation. The use of a rainbow table is much faster than a simple brute-force attack (essentially, most hard work for cracking the password has been already done when the rainbow table was created). This method is based on "Rainbow Tables", however we have improved this method a lot, signficiantly reducing the required amount of disk space (to one fourth) and improving the performance.

Smart Rainbow Table Recovery Method can be used in a number of situations. It is particularly good for recovering Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 passwords. It is also applicable for other tasks, such as recovering a password when its hash (MD5, MD4, SHA1 or any other) is known. Smart Table Recovery is based on special precomputed recovery tables. They allow for breaking of long and complex password quite quickly.

The following our products supports Smart Rainbow Tables:

Key facts about Smart Rainbow Table Recovery:

  • the recovery time required depends on the number of passwords you want to recover (near to linear dependence). The more passwords you have, the longer is the recovery process.

  • the recovery time depends on a number of factors.

  • the success rate is over 99% , however there is a small probability that Smart Rainbow Table Recovery fails.

  • recovery tables take a lot of disk space (gigabytes)

...more technical information on rainbow tables...

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Tables for MD4, MD5, SHA1 (ASCII and UNICODE)

Tables for LANMAN hashes (Windows passwords)


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