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.doc File Password Recovery

.doc file is a Microsoft Word (winword.exe) document. All Word versions through Word 2003 use this file type. In the new Word 2007/2010 document extension was changed to .docx (or .docm for macro-enabled documents) along with the internal document format.

To break password protected Word document (.doc file) you can use Word Password program. Word Password recovers all Word password types and all Word versions. If you have only one document to recover, you may want to use an online password recovery service available at

Possible password types:

  • Password to open

  • Document protection password

  • Password to modify

  • Word document may contain a VBA project inside. To recover password-protected VBA project you should use VBA Password program.

Cryptographic algorithms used: MD5, RC4

Key length: 40 bits

Using unique Express Recovery you can recover any password protected document within a minute regardless of the password complexity and length.

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